The Ages of Rioja©

On this Rioja wine tour we take you on a journey from the origins of Rioja wine, when the vitis vinifera was wild and wine a vital necessity, to present day, when wine is one of the most sophisticated products in the world, and the words of wine critics, like Robert Parker, can impact a whole livelihood.


A hilltop castle will help show you why the Rioja wine region in Spain is the perfect area to produce one of the most prestigious wines of the world.

Down in the valley we will visit some vineyards with native grape varieties (because not all Riojas are Tempranillo), and you can see first-hand the grape-growers long-held traditions.

Discover how in the old times, wine was essential for community economics. Cellars were hand-dug by families and Wine Cellar Quarters the place to socialise.


The 19th century was a period of revolution for Rioja wine. It was then that we saw grape-growers become professional winemakers, plus the creation of the still-crucial Station District and “Cathedrals” of Rioja.

Nowadays wine is a sophisticated product and winery brands fight for recognition. Celebrity architects and designers have been building the wine temples of the 21st century. On this tour, we will see how the Rioja wine region hosts some of the most impressive state-of-the-art wineries in the world.

La Rioja is characterised by quaint wine-making villages built of golden sandstone. Little would you guess that a large network of underground wine cellars runs beneath these cute little towns. Many of them with more Parker points than inhabitants!

This 2-day tour includes:

  • visit to a hilltop castle with vineyards view
  • vineyard experience
  • wine-making village guided tour
  • 3 guided winery visits
  • 3 tasting sessions
  • 7 different wines in total
  • traditional lunch at a winery
  • lunch at a state-of-the-art winery
  • English-speaking local guide
  • Mercedes chauffeur-driven car


* Custom curated designs starting at 300€ per person per day.

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