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On our personalized wine tours, you have the chance to really absorb Rioja’s wine heritage, from the very first wine to the latest technologies. You get to meet the locals: the patient grape grower, the expert oenologist and the proud winemaker. While architecture buffs can find the amazing designs of Gehry and Calatrava in Rioja. If you are looking for just a short break in Rioja, we have a 24-hour tour if you don’t have more time. And if the Rioja itinerary of your dreams doesn’t match with our listed tours, simply choose the elements you want, mix them up or just send us an email telling us what your perfect Rioja wine tour looks like.

The Ages of Rioja©

On this Rioja wine tour we take you on a journey from the origins of Rioja wine, when the vitis vinifera was wild and wine a vital necessity, to present day, when wine is one of the most sophisticated products in the world, and the words of wine critics, like Robert Parker, can impact a whole livelihood.

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Masters of Gravity

The imposing titanium waves by Gehry seem to float over the vineyards challenging gravity. You don’t want to miss this dramatic sight during your Rioja wine tour. At the heart of Marques de Riscal’s City of Wine, innovation and tradition combine, with one of the oldest Rioja wineries (1858) and a luxury hotel designed by Frank Gehry.

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Rioja Essentials

There are more than 700 wineries in Rioja that we regularly visit to ensure the best for your Rioja wine tour. In this tour you can experience a blend of 3 very different types of wineries that offers you a good sip of our land.

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est Rioja Wine Tours

Travel to Spain without visiting La Rioja and you will miss some important history, art and gastronomy, where natural landscapes and charming villages have a legendary atmosphere. This area offers the best wine tours in Spain. Let’s share a unique experience, and the spirit of a land of vineyards and grapes.

Wine tasting in the Spanish region of La Rioja will satisfy even highly sophisticated palettes and delight anyone starting out in the art of wine. All this and unmissable visits to rioja wineries and fascinating architecture on customisable wine tours.

Choose to visit Rioja as a historian, discovering the origins of the art of wine with The Ages of Rioja; enjoy monumental vestiges of renowned architects among vineyards with Masters of gravity. Even take in everything on a triple Rioja wine tour: Rioja Essentials.

Why choose a Rioja wine tour with us:

  • We personalise your tour for a fabulous experience. Surprise your partner, family or friends with an unforgettable, tailored trip.
  • See the entire wine-making process: from vine to bottle. Discover the different colors, aromas and bodies of Rioja wines.
  • We adapt our Rioja tours to your available time. Plan trips for one to three days. Ask us about longer stays.
  • Even if you are new to the world of wine, a wine tour in Spain, in the Rioja region will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Our Rioja wine tours include transport and the option of a local guide. Just enjoy yourself! Guides speak English for communication with producers and locals.
  • Enjoy our independent recommendations for shopping, food and relaxation in la Rioja. We don’t work on commissions.
  • Our knowledge of Rioja means we can show you unique places, far from the tourist trail.

Tell us how long you have, and your preferences and we’ll recommend a perfect tour. Visiting La Rioja is a great option for day trips from San Sebastian and Bilbao.

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