Hot air balloon ride

Making the trip of a lifetime, find out how a hot air balloon ride will provide you with unforgettable views of Rioja’s stunning landscapes – from snow-capped mountains to luscious vineyards. Enjoy the best day trips in Rioja!

Taking a hot air balloon ride in Rioja

It’s the stuff of daydreams, and a memory you will go back to time and time again – a hot air balloon ride over beautiful scenery. But did you know you can do this in La Rioja wine region of Spain? Let’s see what the deal is…

Picture this: far below you, Rioja’s chequerboard landscape created by the thousands of plots belonging to local wine-growers, sheltered on two sides by the dramatic mountain ranges. One way you look, there’s the snow-capped Sierra de la Demanda, and the other, the dramatic rocks of Sierra de Cantabria.

In this beautiful terrain watered by the River Ebro, vine-growing is an ancestral tradition that has shaped the landscape over centuries, making a place of singular beauty, where vineyards cover the land. And what an amazing way to view it – from the gentle flight of a hot air balloon?!

You can take the hot air balloon flights any time of year, as long as the weather is fine, meaning you can enjoy Rioja’s seasons from the sky – be it the changing fall colors of the trees and the purple of the vines in autumn, or the fresh, bright green of spring.


A romantic trip in Rioja


Whoever you’re traveling with, you can book a hot air balloon flight in Rioja for a group of friends and family, or even just for a couple, so you can choose how exclusive an experience you wish for. Maybe it’s your honeymoon, a special anniversary, or you simply want to try an experience of a lifetime, you can arrange the balloon flight to tie in with your wine tour and nearby accommodation.

Then make your toast while high in the sky with a fizzing glass of exquisite Rioja Cava, naturally.

The hot air balloons can be an impressive 16 meters high and fill with 77,000 cubic feet of air (about 2,800 cubic meters), so be ready for those Instagram photos that will blow your friends’ socks off!

A picnic of local foods and Rioja wine (of course) is usually included in a trip, plus transportation and photographs and a video of your flight. The activity normally takes a total of about four hours, with a typical flight lasting one hour 15 minutes. Combine this trip with one of our wine tours.

Simply get in touch with Rioja in Style and we’ll organise it all for you. Get ready for the wine tour of a lifetime!

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